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While there are many ways to fund the launch and growth of your business, most can be boiled down to three main areas:


Equity Capital
Essentially, equity capital is money that is invested into a company in exchange for an ownership interest in that company. Traditionally, equity capital—unlike debt—is not intended to be repaid according to a specific schedule and is not secured (or guaranteed) by the company's assets.


Debt Financing
Debt refers to capital that is loaned by a lender to a borrower, who is in turn obligated (1) to repay the original amount loaned--or the principal--within a specified time period, and (2) to pay interest on the principal.


Other Alternatives
There are other financing options besides equity and debt. We have classified them into seven (7) categories.

Each financing approach has its own advantages and restrictions, and the type of financing that is best for your business is dependent on a number of factors including your company's business model, financial state, operations, size, stage, industry, geographic reach, and other attributes. Additionally, you should consider your own vision for the company and the management team's sensitivities with regards to ownership, control, and growth.


Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures (Buying & Selling Businesses). Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances (Partnering).
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